Here are my positions on some of the most critical issues that we face today in Delaware and as a nation. They affect our standard of living, our way of life. Your input is important to me. I welcome all comments and discussions on these issues and any others you wish to share. Please click here to contact me. I will always respond within 48 hours.

LAW & ORDER – I support our police and am thankful that they are here to uphold our laws and keep us safe.  Because they put their lives on the line every day, they deserve to have our respect and support.  We need to see that they have the training, tools and equipment they need to protect themselves and our community.

VOTER RIGHTS and ELECTION INTEGRITY – The right to vote in a free and fair election is our most basic right.  The public must have trust in the outcome of our elections. We need to require voter ID. A voter should be required to validate his or her identity with government-issued photo ID to vote, both in-person or by absentee ballot.  If a person receives any services or works in Delaware, they have to provide a Government issued ID.  This would greatly reduce fraud or the perception of fraud.  As it is now, anyone can take a voter card they received from Department of Elections and vote without question.  No one verifies that they are the person listed on the card.

ECONOMY – Economic development and job growth are the key to getting families back to work.  When families thrive, so will the economy.  We need to create an environment such that small and large businesses are able to increase their workforce with good paying jobs and provide training and benefits to their employees.  In a free market, this is not the job of the state; it is the duty of the employer.  Taxes should be fair and simple and not a punishment to those that make a profit.  When we have more people working, there is less economic burden for all.  We need to bring the free market back to Delaware.

EDUCATION – Parents, teachers, local administrators and local school boards would be making decisions about how to educate our children.  Each election cycle schools are subject to major changes at the local level and the decisions are made by those not in the classroom.  These changes can be very costly and have little to no benefit to the student.  Our schools need to focus on education and not on social engineering.

TAXES – We pay personal income taxes, other payroll taxes, property taxes, taxes and or fees on our utilities, gasoline, hotels, telephones, auto repairs, alcohol, real estate, vehicle purchases, permits lease fees, to hunt, to fish…you get the point.  Some in Delaware say that we do not pay enough taxes and that taxes should be higher!  When we combine the amount of personal income taxes we pay, plus all additional taxes and fees, we are lucky if we are able to hold onto 50% of our net pay no matter what our tax bracket.  We need to keep taxes low, so that each person can take home more of their hard-earned money.

2nd AMENDMENT – I believe all people have a right to protect themselves and that government should not restrict this right.  I will oppose efforts to restrict the freedoms guaranteed to the people of Delaware by the State Constitution and the U.S. Constitution.